Theta Healing

  • 1 hour
  • 150 Australian dollars
  • Duncraig

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Theta healing is a meditative technique where you are guided into a theta state. A theta state is an altered consciousness where brain waves are slowed to a relaxed mode. We have the ability to intuitively access information from this state to bring out your awesome magnificence. Remembering who you are, beneath the identities we place on ourselves. Theta Healing is high level energy work, a non invasive therapy that will test your belief systems. As we change beliefs, the body begins to dis-create physical and emotional issues on a cellular level. We are in fact, the product of our thoughts. By using Theta Healing we can change our mind/body connection, creating better health and wellbeing. We work with advanced science, quantum physics and the movement of energy, atoms, and physical particles in order to allow the body to heal what is needed. Theta Healing can be used to release trauma, fears and phobias, stress, anxiety, depression, relationships and negative family patterns. You have the power to create abundance, prosperity, find success and reach goals. A powerful tool to remove any blocks in manifesting the life you want. In fact, it can improve any area of your life. It is a remarkable modality for personal growth and to use as an alternative therapy treatment. ​ ​Release the limiting beliefs holding you back from your creative potential. Realise your truth and purpose. Move past fears, unlocking your highest potential. THETA TECHNIQUES -7th Plane meditation and grounding -Advanced creation of feelings -Advanced belief work -Life enhancing downloads -Resolving rejection, resentment and regret -Releasing negative vow’s, oath’s and commitments -Releasing Free Floating Memories (Memories stored when in a state of shock, trauma, childhood or anesthesia) -Healing the baby in the womb -Healing the Broken Soul & Soul fragments -Healing the Broken Heart (using sound healing) -Connecting with your higher-self -Manifesting Abundance ​WHAT TO EXPECT DURING A THETA HEALING SESSION I bring my own unique intuitive flare to Theta Healing. You are asked to remove any expectations or notions, so that you remain open to the experience. Yes, its normal to feel a little anxious or apprehensive at first, so I use various techniques to calm and ground your energy. We explore your intention or what you want to work on for the session. Sometimes we simply go with the flow. The energy work part of the session is different for everyone and every session is di

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  • Duncraig WA, Australia