Womb & Sacral Healing Massage

Your body is a temple and home for your self worth, self knowledge and self affirmation. 


Massage is an ancient sacred technique and of the oldest healing traditions. This practice has been used as part of traditional medicine throughout many different cultures in India, Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese and used to treat a variety of ailments. This sacred practice is available to all women at any stage of life - Maiden, Mother & Wise Wild Woman. The beauty of this practice is the powerful healing, womb-heart connection, the reconnection to your body as a divine goddess and deeper sense of self.


The womb massage is a gentle, non invasive technique that supports the abdominal and corresponding organs, reproductive system and pelvic area. A deeply nourishing treatment that soothes the body into a relaxed state. Massage strokes are applied to specific points to help promote your bodies natural homeostasis.

Physical Benefits

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Reduction of stress hormone

  • Relaxation

  • Mental clarity

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Stimulates Lymphatic system/toxin release

  • Reduces scar tissue

Digestive Benefits

  • Reduces bloating and inflammation

  • Colon Health

  • Relieves constipation & IBS

  • Relieves stomach cramps

  • Detoxifies liver


Supporting you on your fertility journey. Feel nurtured held and supported. 

Receiving a Womb & Sacral Healing Massage can provide many benefits for the whole reproductive system:

  • Hormonal balance

  • Helps re-align the uterus

  • Reduce stress hormone

  • Promotes hormonal balance

  • Increased flow and circulation to uterus and cervix

  • Prevents blockages, detoxifying organs

  • Supports endocrine system communication

  • Strengthens immune system


In the abdomen, all muscles including the pelvic floor, organs and connective tissue share the same (neural inputs) network. If you have a digestive issue the pain can be felt in your back, abdomen, or anywhere in the pelvic region. There are ligaments that connect the sacrum to the uterus. If muscles or organs are misaligned, blocked or damaged by scar tissue it will misalign or disrupt other organs. If one organ is out of balance it will disrupt the circulation in the area, causing a reduction of blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to the abdominal cavities. The whole body can become out of balance.


The heart and womb share a special physical bond. The heart governs the blood and the uterus relies on blood for its function. The  opening and closing of the uterus during birth, ovulation, conception and mensuration are regulated by the heart and kidneys. The heart is responsible for the opening and kidneys are responsible for closing. During ovulation , the heart opens the uterus to release the egg. During your moon cycle the heart is responsible for opening the uterus for the bleed to shed. During birth the heart opens the uterus to birth the babe. Its important for a woman's heart and emotional body to be nourished and strong. Can you remember a time you experienced an emotional trigger or a stressful situation that completely disrupts your period? You come on late or maybe your bleed has completely disappeared.

The Heart is the energetic vortex of love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness & connection. The Womb is the energetic vortex of creative power, desire, passion, relationship to ourselves and others.

The womb and heart can be come a hub of blocked unprocessed emotions if they are suppressed or not felt. Emotional trauma or shocks to the system can effect the menstrual cycle and fertility. Both heart and womb can become wounded from heartbreak, sexual abuse and trauma, shame, guilt, grief and loss, including miscarriage or ended pregnancy. Womb & Sacral Healing Massage provides a safe nurturing space for emotions to be experienced and released.



Did you know your grandmother carried part of you inside her womb. A female fetus is born with all the eggs she will carry during her life time. When your grandmother was carrying your mother in the womb, you were a tiny egg in her ovary Its fascinating that we carry emotional imprints from our ancestor that are carried through the cells of our energetic bodies. During my training I discovered imprints I carried from my mother and my grandmother. A sadness that wasn't mine. I had the opportunity to release this sadness, healing the women before me and my daughter after me.


The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen. The qualities, emotions, and fears related to this chakra influence your actions and behaviors in this world. When this chakra is balanced you have a strong connection to yourself and inner and outer beauty. You remember your feminine gifts and have a never ending supply of creative power. You feel free and manifest dreams and desires. When this chakra is unbalanced you lack motivation, energy and purpose. You feel disconnected from yourself and others. Womb Healing helps you become balanced. It gives you the power to heal yourself and relationships. Healing the wounded feminine, dissolving competition and embodying our own true feminine beauty.