Access Bars®

  • 1 hour
  • 120 Australian dollars
  • Duncraig

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Access Bars® is an energy healing process which focuses on 32 points located on the head. We call these points 'The Bars'. The energy clearing & energy healing process involves gently touching the energy bars. The client gently moves into a tranquil and blissful state of deep relaxation. Each bar relates to a different aspect of our consciousness: -Manifesting  -Peace -Calm  -Healing -Communication -Aging Beliefs -Creating Life Forms -Increased Power & Connections -Control -Kindness & Gratitude -Sadness & Joy -Sexuality -Hopes & Dreams -Creativity WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? -Eases physical pain -Neutralizes and discharges the energy holding of negative and limiting beliefs -Releases stress and tension in the physical and energetic body -Reduces mind chatter -Creates feelings of inner peace and calm -Improves focus and concentration -Heals emotional issues, including trauma and shock -Releases trapped emotions -Reduces pain and discomfort -Accelerates the bodies natural healing process -Improves sleep -Increases levels of joy, happiness and abundance Access Bars® is like a CANCEL CLEAR DETETE button for limiting thought forms. This process creates space in your brain. Science has proven the shape of our cells become more elliptical when they are influence by thoughts, feelings and emotions, which is one of the attributes towards creating disease in the body. Having your 'bars run' releases stress on the cells, allowing them to return to their more spherical shape. This creates more health and ease in the body. The lease you will experience during a session is feeling like you had an incredible head massage. In 2018 I had my first taster of Access Bars® at an EXPO in a room full of people. Something shifted inside me (literally). A fire ignited within and courage infused every cell of my body. I made the decision to leave the job I had worked so hard to get, making the most money I had ever made, to follow my purpose. I have not looked back.

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  • Duncraig WA, Australia