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Stacey Anne Bernadette

Author, Embodiment Coach & Spiritual Teacher - BA Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy


So EXCITED that our worlds have collided! You landed here because something inside of you wants to move. You are ready to go within and find a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Overcome the obstacles to discover inner peace and balance MIND BODY SPIRIT. I see, hear and feel you wanting to connect with yourself at a deeper level. Here you will find the tools, wisdom and daily practices to do exactly that. 

Seaneen Bradley, Melbourne

“I've broken down old belief patterns and habits, charging through my fear into love. I am now able to see and focus more clearly on what I want in a whole and my business. Stacey has helped me overcome leaps and bounds and is one of the best out there''.

Karen French, Perth

"Had the most amazing session with Stacey. I'm still soaking in the energy and processing what happened. Incredible experience that actually blew my mind. I'm excited for what is now going to happen for me. Thank you for releasing blocks and helping me understand certain things''.

Stuart Leamy, Portugal

“I felt so seen, safe and supported throughout. The session was very empowering. The way I felt before the session and after was day and night. So much shifted. I now feel so much lighter and at peace on all levels - mind, body and spirit. Her intuition and gifts are magical beyond words.''

Meet Stacey

''healing happens when you face the thing you have spent your whole life running from.''

Stacey Anne Bernadette is a number 1 bestselling Co-Author, Spiritual Healer and Embodiment Coach. She infuses various holistic techniques for an immersive experience; Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Advanced Theta Healing, Womb Work, Meditation. She has taken herself to the depths of personal development and continues to embody her work daily.

In 2020 Stacey wrote her first chapter in a powerful book 'When the Goddess Calls Vol 4'. Inspirational stories of women coming together to teach us about healing diversity, strength, courage, love and sisterhood.


Stacey has been on her own personal healing journey. Unraveling limiting beliefs of unworthiness and lack. She travelled back on her timeline to heal, release trauma, shame, and learn how to nurture the inner-child within. She has met the fear of being heard and seen. Reclaiming her power, taking life by the reins and moving with empowered action to and beyond the edges of her comfort zone.

After the birth of her daughter Stacey came to a crossroad. She had worked her way up in her career, earning the most money she had ever made to find she was burnt out, stressed and unfulfilled. She made the decision to leave what she had always known and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Today she supports people internationally to overcome the obstacles preventing them from creating a purposeful life. Stacey combines her vast knowledge and training in holistic practices. A unique tool kit to cover all bases. Balancing the mind, body soul connection. 

Adventure led her to travel, learn and teach around the globe. She currently resides in Australia with her family, living her purpose every single day. Holding space for you to heal, realise what you want instead, and empower you to create your dreams. There is no limit to what you can create when you make space.


Contact Me

I can't wait to connect with you! Feel free to drop in anytime with your Qs or to arrange a Discovery Call.

Duncraig, Perth

Australia 6023

Tel: +61 416 089 985

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